Our Team at Modobag

We search out attentive listeners, solid thinkers, gifted designers, as well as the best technical and creative partners. We have found this approach brings our customers greater value. The following members currently make up the Modobag team.

  • Kevin O'Donnell

    Kevin studied Architecture and Industrial Design at the University of Illinois, he spent several years in the technology space, where he launched numerous eCommerce ventures. He's been involved in Real Estate development since a very young age.

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  • Boyd Bruner

    Boyd Bruner is a competitive motorcyclist with an eye for design and a sense of adventure. He served as a technical director, and won the 2014 AMA Pro Road Racing Daytona 200. He is Modobag's chief mechanical engineer and has been with the company since its inception.

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  • Paul Moriarity Jr.

    Paul attended Harold Washington College. Currently he is Modobag's copywriter as well as being involved in marketing and advertising. His experience in social media is second to none and he aggregates Modobag information by engaging our consumers with individual experiences and product releases.

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  • Tom Casey

    A graduate in the school of art at Columbia Chicago, Tom is a talented and creative artist that produces and shoots commercial video and photography for advertising, merchandising, and product placement. His unique personality and genuine interest in each shoot delivers rich and authentic content.

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  • Ralph Guerrero

    Ralphie is Modobag's Post-Production Editor. His background in art and commercial work is a part of what's behind Modobag's photos, videos, and social media content.

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  • Tim Ryan

    Tim is a marketing and communication entrepreneur adept at helping start-up and established companies market themselves in the New Economy. He's worked at the intersection of technology and a number of industry segments, including travel and tourism, and before launching his own consulting firm served as CMO in Chicago's cutthroat banking industry.

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The Modobag Team

"Modobag is one of the most innovative and exciting advancements to hit the travel industry since rolling suitcases were introduced in the 1970's. I have test driven the Modobag at heavily-trafficked airports, including O'Hare, JFK and LaGuardia. From the first-time traveler to the veteran flight attendant, there is widespread agreement that Modobag will help make travel more functional and fun. Where once travelers had to run through the airport with heavy gear to catch connections they can now get where they need to be on time, on their Modobag." -Kevin O'Donnell