Modobag® Specifications

From a range of mechanical, app, interior and exterior features in addition to a set of specifications including, but not limited to: Rider Limits, Bag Weight, Easy Stowing, Charge Distance, Easy Charge, Dual USB, Speed, Battery Life, Dashboard, Padded Compartments, and Bag Materials; Modobag® comes fully loaded and ready for use.

  • Rider Limits Rider Limits

    The maximum weight limit of the Modobag® is 260lbs/118kg

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  • Bag Weight Bag Weight

    The final weight of Modobag® will be determined and published once we complete fine-tuning the design.

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  • Distance Distance

    On a single charge, Modobag® has the ability to travel up to 6+ miles (based on a rider weight of 180lbs)

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  • Easy Charge Easy Charge

    Full charge in 2 hours Modobag® can be plugged into any household outlet from a connection on the dashboard.

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  • Dual USB Dual USB

    Modobag® features 2 USB ports for individual or simultaneous charging. Modobag® is compatible with any regular USB electronic devices.

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  • Speed Speed

    Dual speed control button. Indoor and outdoor settings. Modobag® has the ability to travel at an indoor speed of 4 MPH/6.5 KPH and outdoor speed of 7 MPH/11 KPH , which is three times a regular walking pace.

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  • Battery Life Battery Life

    The Modobag® battery has the capacity for over 4000 full charges, allowing for continuous enjoyment for years to come.

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  • Dashboard Dashboard

    Backlit USB ports and battery voltage gauge.

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  • Padded Compartment Padded Compartment

    Located within Modobag®’s crush-resistant aluminum chassis.

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  • Bag Material Bag Material

    Lightweight aluminum chassis. High-strength ballistic nylon shell with YKK zippers.

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See Personal Experiences

Watch and listen to our clients talk about their experience with Modobag® and how easy it is to use as well as what they like best about its capabilities.


"Modobag® is one of the most innovative and exciting advancements to hit the travel industry since rolling suitcases were introduced in the 1970's. I have test driven the Modobag® at heavily-trafficked airports, including O'Hare, JFK and LaGuardia. From the first-time traveler to the veteran flight attendant, there is widespread agreement that Modobag® will help make travel more functional and fun. Where once travelers had to run through the airport with heavy gear to catch connections they can now get where they need to be on time, on their Modobag®." -Kevin O'Donnell